Kuni Stearns

Kuni Stearns is a lifelong San Diegan
with a 20-year background in the hospitality industry helping to open and operate two new hotels. He has experienced being unsheltered while dwelling in a vehicle and navigating the homeless services system. Since then he has been advocating for our unsheltered San Dieagans since January 2019 in a multitude of committees and organizations.
Kuni is engaged as a charter
member of the Leadership Team Advisory Board for Lived Experience Advisers since August 2021 helping to guide the organization’s efforts to convey to decision makers the benefit of our experiences in order to give voice to our unsheltered neighbors experiencing homelessness. These encounters provide actual experiences as to the efficacy of the available services. Praising the positive ones and helping those areas that would welcome enhancements. As Leilani Farha, the United Nations Special Rapporteur on adequate housing, stated right here in San Diego, “Housing is a Human Right.”
Together we can succeed in ending homelessness. The journey begins with a Home for each of our unhoused neighbors experiencing homelessness.